Grandmas in Pussy Hats

“Love not hate, that’s what makes America great!” Can you feel the tingle people? Rolling down Broadway with 60,000 of my fellow disgruntled Americans yesterday definitely improved my buzz. The potholes were hell, but all for civic duty.

What can I tell you? I would hate to be the guy who pissed off all those women.

Hands too small to build a wall.

Keep your bitty mitties off my healthcare, my privacy, my rights, my ass and Planned Parenthood.

Can I have a hell yeah. All those grandmas and babies wearing pink pointy hats was a welcome sight for bloodshot eyes after all that doom from Donnie Darko.

Some things are just so obvious. “I’m only 4 years old and I know everyone is equal,” for example. And that kid over there pointing out that Trump is a weenie.





Chin up, claws out. Day 2 of 1,460.

We shall overcomb.

Yours Truly,
The Severed Head